Our lady of america

Rosary for America

A specially designed rosary and prayer booklet designed to encourage all Americans to pray for our country and those entrusted to lead.

It is time to consecrate our country and her leadership back into the hands of our Lord and entrust the future of our nation for us and our children into HIS capable hands.
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Our Lady of America

In this special Rosary for the United States of America, we have an opportunity to offer prayer to our Lord for every one of the individual states as we pray each of the 50 Hail Mary beads. We consecrate our government; executive branch, legislative branch, judicial branch, state and local forms of governments and finally our United States Military as we pray over each of the Our Father beads before each decade. There are also special "intentions" that you can pray for every hour of the day.

This is a great prayer tool to build family unity, teach our country's history and unite all Americans in prayer for our country. We at magnalitecatholic.com believe that our first and most important responsibility as Christians is to "be" the living face of Christ to all we encounter. This is how we will transform our country and create a world safe for the future of our children. Through the intercession of our Blessed Mother Mary, and the praying of her most holy rosary, we hope to attain the Grace needed to live our lives as God commanded of us.

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To learn about the history and roots of the Rosary, visit the following link below:
Faith and Life Television
united states rosary

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Ordering Instructions:

Purchase your Rosary for The United States for $17.76 (single unit pricing) plus $2.50 shipping.

Each Rosary Order comes complete with:
• One USA Rosary
• One Prayer Book
• One Prayer Card
• One Carrying Pouch

Order a Family Pack, and shipping is still $2.50. A great deal.
Please select the package that suits your needs below.

Ordering more than 4 Rosaries?
Call (800) 634-0839
If you are ordering more than 4 units, please call us to place your order.

Choose from 1 Rosary to a Family Pack of 4 Rosaries.
Shipping is included in the pricing.

Order individual Prayer Booklets Separately
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Order the Individual Prayer Cards Separately
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