Design your own Handmade Rosary for your
Parish, Ministry, School or Organization

PRICING: 150 Units + $8.00 Each / 250 Units + $7.00 Each / 500 Units + $6.50 Each / 1000 Units + $6.00 Each
No Setup Charges, No Shipping Charges

All orders are custom, and we personally guide you through the process to ensure your Rosary is exactly what you envisioned. If you have any questions in regards to what you can and can't do, please be sure to call Magnalite at 1-800-634-0839 or email us here:
Choose a Crucifix for your hand-made custom Rosary.
Crucifix A Crucifix B Crucifix C  
Choose your Hail Mary glass beads for your custom Rosary.
We have a fine selection of custom colored glass beads to help in your design process.
Hail Mary glass beads measure 6mm in diameter.
If you do not see your desired color, please let us know. Other colors may be available.
Dark Blue / 6mm Light Blue / 6mm Emerald Green / 6mm Light Green / 6mm Black / 6mm
White / 6mm Clear / 6mm Yellow / 6mm Red / 6mm Purple / 6mm
Choose your Our Father glass beads for your custom Rosary.
Our Father glass beads are available in 6mm or 8mm diameter.
Please be sure to indicate which sizes you would like to use for Our Father glass beads.
If you do not see your desired color, please let us know. Other colors may be available.
Dark Blue / 6mm or 8mm Light Blue / 6mm or 8mm Emerald Green/ 6mm or 8mm Light Green / 6mm or 8mm Black / 6mm or 8mm
White / 6mm or 8mm Clear / 6mm or 8mm Yellow / 6mm or 8mm Red / 6mm or 8mm Purple / 6mm or 8mm
Choose the Metal Chain Color
Currently available in Silver Color Chain and Gold Color Chain.
Gold Color Chain ( add $.25 per rosary) Silver Color Chain
Choose two images for your Custom Rosary Centerpiece.
For a truly custom centerpiece, submit your own images for your centerpiece. To the right, we have included a sample and dimensions.

Image Recomendations:
For the best results, be sure your image is 300dpi resolution, or has been scanned at a high resolution (300dpi or higher).

Please contact us at for questions and help with image selection and file preperation.
custom rosaries
Meditation Book with a custom front cover and Velvet Zipper Pouch.
magnalite custom rosaries and meditation book
• Download an Order Form
• Follow along with the instructions above.
• Make selections following the steps above.
• Call Magnalite at 1-800-634-0839 for personal assistance in completing your order.
• Email your artwork for your Custom Centerpiece and Custom Meditation Book to the     following email:
• Fax or email your order form to (602) 269-1648

If you have any questions, concerns or problems with the ordering process, please don't hesitate to call Magnalite at 1-800-634-0839.
Please allow 10-12 weeks manufacturing and delivery time from the time you submit your artwork and place your order.

Contact us via email here